Zombie with a Baseball Cap

Having drawn a zombie with a beanie hat on the opposite page, I decided to make a diptych of hat wearing undead by having the zombie on this page don a baseball cap.  Man, drawing front on views of peaked caps is hard.  I don’t think I really pulled it off.  I do, however, like this zombie’s underbite and his mismatched eyes.

9 - Zombie - Baseball Cap


Zombie with a Beanie

I imagine that – come the zombie apocalypse – some individuals will still accessorize.  Therefore, I decided to draw a zombie wearing a beanie hat.  You must feel chilly when you are undead after all.  My 12 year old requested a zombie with an empty eye socket so this chap fulfils that request.

8 - Zombie - Beanie

Zombie with Braid

According to this illustration, my hair is officially more unkempt than that of a female zombie.  Look how neat and tidy she manages to keep her braid despite all of that stumbling hither and yon, and all of that munching on raw flesh.  I do neither of those things yet my hair is perpetually scruffy.  I definitely lost myself a bit in all that linework in the braid.

6 - Zombie - Braid

Zombie with Winged Spectacles

Having drawn a somewhat thoughtful zombie on the opposite page, this zombie emerged on my fifth page.  The relationship between her hand and her head means she could either be considering something or else trying to hold her head up before it rolls off of her neck.  With zombies, you never can tell.  This is the first zombie in a very long time that I have drawn wearing glasses.  As a lifelong spectacle wearer, I really ought to include more spectacles in my illustrations.  Just because you are a shambling zombie in a post-apocalyptic society doesn’t mean you don’t need clear vision.

5 - Zombie - Winged Spectacles

Thoughtful Zombie

This is the fourth zombie in my Brooklyn Art Library sketchbook.  I drew some quick pencil scaffolding and then set to work with my ink pens and this illustration is what emerged.  It may be the heavily hooded eyes or the closed mouth but he looks like he is in deep thought, maybe a bit sad about things.  I don’t know if zombies are capable of feeling sadness.  I have often wondered if they experience boredom.  I wonder if they have any thoughts beyond that primal need to feed.

4 - Zombie - Thoughtful