Anthropomorphism #6 – Ernie

I really like bats. I have never compiled a list of favourite animals but I suspect bats would fall within my top ten. I knew I had to include a bat in my series and Ernie is the result. I decided my bat would be a child and the oversized ears made me think of those photos of adorably jug-eared children from the interwar years. Consequently, I drew Ernie wearing an outfit from the 1920s that was directly borrowed from an old photograph I found online. This is my favourite drawing so far.

6 Ernie

Anthropomorphism #5 – Joanie

I stayed in the 1950s for my next illustration but I pivoted away from more formal wear and into casual clothing. I looked up reference photos of women wearing cuffed capri style jeans and combined a few ideas to create the clothing for Joanie the cat. I am satisfied with how I drew the clothing but less so how I drew the cat’s face. I am glad I decided to undertake this challenge as I certainly have room for improvement when it comes to drawing animal faces.

5 Joanie

Anthropomorphism #4 – Betsy

My early childhood was spent with a pet poodle named Peppy. I, therefore, decided to include a poodle in my series. Now Peppy was a scruff with untamed off-white curls and floppy ears that often looked grubby at the edges because of her snuffling around in food. When I think of poodles generally, however, I tend to think of those pampered, coiffured pooches who appear in dog shows like Crufts. I decided that an appropriate costume for such a poodle would be a 1950s tea dress. So, yes, I completely missed an opportunity to draw a poodle in a poodle skirt. Doh.

4 Betsy

Anthropomorphism #3 – Raymond

I already broke my rule about the definition of “vintage” for the clothing in this challenge because this outfit is definitely from my era. I have memories of my older brothers being dressed just like this bear. It’s my early childhood though so I am going to allow it. Besides, all of these rules and arguments are just in my own head since I set this challenge for myself.

I like aspects of this drawing but I feel meh about it overall. I don’t think there are enough interesting shapes in the bellbottom trousers or shirt other than the sleeves. I am happy with the brown I mixed for the bear’s fur.

3 Raymond

Anthropomorphism #2 – Theodore

I am only on the second drawing in this series so I am not yet set in my methodology but I think I will pivot between picking the vintage clothing first and selecting an animal first. The animal was the starting point of my first drawing but, for this second drawing, I chose the clothing first. I saw a photo (Edwardian I think) of a little boy in a striped sailor suit and thought it would be fun to draw. All of the stripes made my brain think of tigers so I decided a tiger cub would be the perfect subject.

2 Theodore

Anthropomorphism #1 – Gnaeus Hydrochaeris Magnus

I am embarking on a new series of drawings to challenge myself and hone my abilities with certain aspects of drawing. I determined that I needed more practice with drawing animals and for the past year I have been trying to develop my skills with drawing clothing. I, therefore, decided to combine the two and came up with the idea of drawing animals wearing vintage clothing. My definition of vintage will be anything from before I was born. Because I refuse to be vintage.

I chose a capybara for my first drawing in the series because capybaras are the favourite animal of my 15 year old. Since he is also obsessed with ancient Rome, I thought I would depict a capybara in the uniform of a Roman legionnaire. I mean, ancient Rome is pretty vintage. I really enjoyed drawing the armour. It made for a fun challenge.

1 Gnaeus Hydrochaeris Magnus

Drawlloween 2022 – Werewolf Self-Portrait

As I indicated yesterday, there really is no prompt today for Drawlloween. The list declares “You did it; You’re a Rockstar; Rest and recap!” which means I could have done no drawing today. However, I have always created 31 drawings for Drawlloween, one for every day of October, so the thought of only having 30 this year made me feel unsettled. I am a completist so I had to conclude the month with another drawing. When I posted my first Drawlloween drawing on Instagram, someone commented that they would like to see werewolf me fully transformed. That gave me the idea of using a werewolf self-portrait as bookends for all of this year’s drawings. I liked the shape of that idea. This, therefore, is me in full werewolf mode. I wanted to keep enough of my face that it was recognizably me still, rather than looking like a wolf wearing my clothes, and I have made werewolf me much more athletic and less plump than I would probably be.

31 Werewolf Self-Potrait

So that’s it for another Drawlloween! Thank you for following along with me as I participated in this challenge. I have appreciated the encouragement of all the likes and comments. Thank you.

Drawlloween 2022 – Red Riding Hood

Today is actually supposed* to be the final day for Drawlloween so the prompt is “Scarytale Ending”. Fairytales are one of the wells from which I draw inspiration fairly often. I filled a whole sketchbook with fairytale characters back in 2019. That made choosing a subject somewhat difficult but ultimately I opted to draw one of my favourites, a character I have drawn very many times over many decades: Red Riding Hood. Due to the “scary” part of the prompt, I wanted Red to look suitably menacing and intimidating. She has defeated the wolf and will not tolerate any more threats as she walks through the woods.

30 Red Riding Hood

*Spoiler Alert – it is not going to be my final day.

Drawlloween 2022 – Church the Cat

I had a couple of ideas for the prompt “Hell-O-Kitty” but what I ultimately landed on is Church, the cat who features in ‘Pet Sematary’, the book by Stephen King and its movie adaptations. I have actually never read the book so my version is based on the 1989 movie. In that movie, Church is portrayed by a British Blue cat – or more likely cats – and I really liked that blue-grey colour of its fur and the way the coldness of that colour contrasts with the plump cuteness of the cat’s shape. I hope he looks appropriately undead and ferocious in my drawing. Sometimes dead is better.

29 Church the Cat

Drawlloween 2022 – Grindylow

I cheated a bit with the prompt “Ocean Oddities” because my chosen subject actually dwells in lakes and bogs rather than in oceans. Grindylow are a creature from Northern English folklore. They lurk beneath the water, waiting for children to grab and drown. They have entered the popular consciousness due to their appearance in the Harry Potter books and movies. I don’t think my Grindylow looks quite threatening enough but maybe this one is in a chill mood for a change.

28 Grindylow