Into the Woods with Worried Bunny

I have finally made a decision about my next art challenge.  It is going to be “Into the Woods”.  That theme allows me enough scope to work in different media and cover a wide range of subjects.  Since my last art challenge involved a lot of time pressure, I am not going to impose a timetable or deadline onto it.  I will just create whenever my artistic mojo strikes but I will – mostly – create in response to this theme.

I decided my first work on this theme would be a block print.  I have not produced a block print in more than one colour since I was in my teens (so a long time ago) so that was a large element of my challenge.  I decided to work on a small scale in case it all went horribly wrong which also presented some challenges since carving all the branches and twigs was finicky.  My character is a bunny.  I seem to draw bunnies a lot – often zombified.  I think I was partly inspired by the Dr Seuss story ‘What was I Scared of?’ and the use of two colours in his illustrations also.  I wanted the colour element to be central and the black element to become like a frame or anchor to the drawing.  I could not decide on the colour so created versions of the print in both red and blue.  I think the red probably pops more against the black but the blue creates more of the feeling I was trying to convey.

Here is the red version of “Worried Bunny”:

Worried Bunny - Red - 1

Worried Bunny - Red - 2

And here is the blue version:

Worried Bunny - Blue - 1

Worried Bunny - Blue - 2

Which do you prefer?

Worried Bunny - Red and Blue Block Prints - Phase 2

3 thoughts on “Into the Woods with Worried Bunny

    • Thank you. :D. You really should give it a try. My preference is for unmounted lino but softcarve (might be called speedycarve here) is really easy to use so might be worth starting out with. My one recommendation is to buy the tool that holds the block in place while you carve. I had to stab my tool into my hand a few times to learn how important that tool is. I also recommend Speedball inks. I really hope you try it. I would love to see what you do with it.


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