Zombie Woodland Creatures

Well didn’t Snowmageddon turn out to be a damp squib?  The biggest storm I encountered was the wailing and snarling that greeted me when I woke my children this morning to tell them there was no Snow Day on the card, just a mere two hour delay.  They made the sound of harpooned banshees.  Thanks, however, to their early dismissal yesterday afternoon, I found a bit of wiggle room in my schedule that I could use for my own art.  I write my “own” art because lately all of my art time has been taken up with doing lessons for Life Book and dashing things off in my art journal, the fruits of which labours you can see on my personal blog.  The “just for fun” stuff, the things I draw for pleasure that are neither challenges or lessons, have been neglected for some time.  It was, therefore, a joy to have a bit of time to work on something just for the complete and utter merry heck of it.

In keeping with my Into the Woods theme, I decided to draw a gathering of various woodland creatures.  Undead woodland creatures.  I have a thing for drawing zombies.  I have sold more zombie drawings than I have any other subject.  No complaints from me.  I love drawing zombies and have not yet tired of it, despite undertaking a zombie a week art challenge back in 2012.

So here they are all gathered together: a bear, a deer, an owl, a rabbit, a fox, a squirrel, a hedgehog and a mouse.

Zombie Woodland Creatures

I like how the characters and compositions turned out.  My sketch for this piece did have the deer more upright but I decided to tilt his head to make him a bit more disconcerting along with his crooked neck – maybe from a run in with a car – and I am glad I made that change.  My one regret is that I used cold-pressed paper (I was out of hot-pressed) because I think the pigment from the ink has gone a bit patchy as it pooled in the texture of the paper.  Perhaps I should argue that adds to the undead effect.  Worth doing again on hot-pressed paper though I think.

3 thoughts on “Zombie Woodland Creatures

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