A new horde of Zombie Bunnies

Over the past few years, I have probably drawn more zombie bunnies than any other subject.  They seem to be very popular and thankfully I have not yet tired of drawing them.  I enjoy drawing the shapes of the bunnies, making them identifiable as rabbits while also stylising the shapes and making them skew-whiff as shambling zombies ought to be.  I like using the bold colours which are then offset by the jet black India ink.  I love getting absorbed in adding all of the little details, the dots, dashes and crosses that complete the piece.

By now I have my favourite zombie bunny characters who recur, with slight tweaks, in different groups – though, of course, each drawing of zombie bunnies I produce is always unique.  Which zombie bunny is your favourite?

Zombie Bunnies - Feb 2015

This horde is now off to a new home.  Brains!

As a related aside, I recently produced my tiniest set of zombie critters yet when I drew a trio of fox, rabbit and squirrel zombies at ATC scale to send to a fellow artist.

ATC - Zombie Woodland Creatures

And finally, if you like depictions of dead daft bunnies, you should hop over to my other blog to see the page I did in my art journal recently.


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