100 Crazy Critters – #94 – Klimt

Move over, Hokusai Bunny: I have a new favourite.  Gustav Klimt is one of my favourite artists, one whose art work inspires me the most, so perhaps it should come as no surprise that I really enjoyed painting a Klimt Bunny and that I am really pleased with the outcome.  I used a pearlised yellow paint for the background and then shades of yellow, gold and bronze for the bunny.  I borrowed patterns from Klimt paintings and simplified them for the bunny’s torso and ears.  I love all the patterns and the way the whole wee painting glistens and shines.

94 - Kilmt 1

94 - Klimt 2

To see what my kids and I created in response to our studies of Klimt’s art work, head on over to my personal blog.



3 thoughts on “100 Crazy Critters – #94 – Klimt

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