Altered Book of Monsters – #15 – Zebra Woman

My husband has been working out of state a lot lately which has afforded me lots of art time in the evenings.  Unfortunately sometimes I don’t know when to quit and I keep going even when the light is  getting murky and I am too tired to concentrate adequately.  This painting is the product of one such art session.  There are elements of it that I like: I think the contrast between the monochrome and the bright pinks is effective and I like the shape of the nose.  I also quite like the way the zebra stripes worked out.  However, the proportions are wonky throughout the painting.  That need not have been a problem given that Zebra Woman is a monster but it annoys me that the shape of the cranium is too shallow and that I think does matter.

15 Zebra Woman

Have a Happy Halloween weekend!

5 thoughts on “Altered Book of Monsters – #15 – Zebra Woman

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