Altered Book of Monsters – #34 – Yeti

After weeks of wonderful, warm, golden but all too brief Autumn weather, Fall is definitely seguing into Winter here in eastern Pennsylvania.  I finally capitulated to the reality of the temperatures and got our padded winter coats out of the storage closet and into the cloakroom cupboard.  That inspired me to paint this next monster in my altered book.  What other monster connotes winter as well as a yeti does?  I like to think that Yeti and Bigfoot are cousins so I gave them a similar look with the heavy neanderthal brow and the pouty smile.  I think even yetis must feel the nip and bite of the cold ever so often so I decided to paint Yeti wearing a woolly hat and a scarf.  Oddly, I think he’s got a bit of an old sea captain look to him.  Maybe yetis make good sailors.  Who knows?

34 - Yeti


3 thoughts on “Altered Book of Monsters – #34 – Yeti

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