Altered Book of Monsters – #43 – Flying Monkey

My kids and I are all fans of the ‘Wizard of Oz’.  As a kid, I actually read all of Baum’s Oz books.  I liked the dark edge to that fairytale world, rather as I did the freakiness of Carroll’s Wonderland novels.  When I was wee, the movie version of the witch’s flying monkeys used to disturb me; later in life, I found them adorable; now I wish I could have a pet one or several, not least because I could then unleash them on my kids when they are being naughty.  In my painting, the flying monkey looks a bit slumped and tired.  Perhaps he has had an exhausting day of flying and doing the bidding of the wicked witch.  He has, however, purloined the ruby slippers for himself.  I think they go rather well with his natty waistcoat and fez.  I wonder where he will go when he clicks his heels together?  I think this little chap might be one of my favourites.

43 - Flying Monkey


I am going to give myself a very brief blog break.  The festive season is full of joy and fun but is also hectic and plays so much havoc with my schedule that truly there is no schedule.  Knowing that time for art will be slim on the ground and that time for blogging will also be rare, I think it best just to give myself a proper break.  I will return very soon.  I have lots of art plans and goals for 2016, some of which I will be sharing here and some of which I will be posting about on my other blog – so treat this break as respite.  Ha ha!

I wish my readers Happy Holidays and Best Wishes for 2016!


13 thoughts on “Altered Book of Monsters – #43 – Flying Monkey

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