Star Wars #180 – Luke as an X-Wing Pilot

Ta Da!!!  I have finally reached the conclusion of this particular art challenge with this, my final drawing in the series.

This is – hopefully obviously – Luke Skywalker wearing his X-Wing pilot uniform.  This is not only the umpteenth Luke I have drawn during this challenge but also the umpteenth flight suit.  You would think with all of the Luke Skywalkers that I have drawn I would have managed to improve my accuracy with drawing Mark Hamill’s face but apparently I have experienced inadequate growth when it comes to the accuracy of my portrait skills.  I think it is weirdly apt that I started this challenge with one Luke and I am concluding with another.

180 Luke Skywalker XWing Pilot

Three sketchbooks have now been filled with drawings.  I created collage covers that reference locations from the first three Star Wars movies: Tatooine, Hoth, and Endor.  I like seeing chunky sketchbooks filled with creativity.  It feels like an accomplishment.

Completed Sketchbooks 3

I began this challenge way back in January.  It has actually been very useful to have this art challenge to prompt me to take some time for art most days during what is, I am sure we can all agree, a very stressful year.  However, 180 illustrations was a lot – by far my longest ever challenge series – and I am glad to be bringing it to a conclusion so I can make time for other things with my art time.  Of course, Drawlloween happened and I decided to participate in that drawing challenge too so I shall be sharing the results of those daily prompts next.

Thank you to everyone who followed along and offered words of encouragement along the way.  I have very much appreciated it and I have enjoyed your feedback and critiques and interpretations.

Star Wars #179 – Ugnaught

My penultimate drawing for this challenge is of an Ugnaught.  These are short, slightly boar-like figures who the viewer first encounters in Cloud City who are employed in processing the parts of droids.  That is why I chose to draw an Ugnaught holding C-3PO’s dismembered arm – so many detached limbs in Star Wars! – before Chewbacca reclaims it before it gets mulched.  Unless the memory has been lost in the dusty recesses of my brain, this is only the second time I have ever drawn an Ugnaught, the first being Kuill way back near the beginning of this challenge.

179 Ugnaught


Star Wars #178 – General Dodonna

I am reaching the conclusion of my Star Wars challenge and a more obscure character has made it into the final three.  Jan Dodonna is the resistance General who develops the plan to destroy the first Death Star.  I think the crossed arms suggest a confident decisiveness and the way I have drawn his face makes him look like he’s seen some things so don’t even attempt to second guess his strategy.

178 General Dodonna

Star Wars #177 – Ponda Baba

The final Chalmun’s Cantina customer to turn up in this drawing challenge is Ponda Baba.  I am sure my kids were not alone in calling him “bum face” when they were wee.  It’s open to interpretation whether the words he has with Luke are to instigate an argument but, with a surly friend like Dr Evazan acting as translator, tensions quickly escalate and the upshot is that Obi Wan Kenobi lops off Ponda Baba’s arm with his lightsaber.  Ponda Baba is, therefore, one of the many Star Wars characters who loses a limb or appendage.  He is such a bonkers character that he was huge fun to draw.

177 Ponda Baba

Star Wars #176 – Clone Commando Gregor

Honestly, when I pulled this prompt, I had no memory of Gregor.  I had to get my kids to describe him before it came back to me.  I feel I am justified in my forgetfulness since he features more in Rebels – which I have not seen – than The Clone Wars.  I like how scuffed his armour is and the tally marks on his helmet.  With only four more (!!) illustrations to go, I feel confident in declaring that this is the last Clone Trooper I will have to draw.

176 Clone Commando Gregor

Star Wars #175 – Oola

Who on earth designed that barely-there costume?  It’s awful.  Poor Oola.  Not only is she enslaved in Jabba’s Palace, forced to dance for the slobbering crime lord’s leering entertainment, and becomes an appetizer for Pateesa the Rancor, but she has to be seen in public wearing what looks like some fragments of fishing net.  I had such a hard time constructing a composition for Oola.  I wanted her to look as if she was caught in the middle of a dance pose while holding her chains but I think her proportions are bonkers.  Hopefully it still works as an illustration.

175 Oola

Star Wars #174 – Admiral Motti

Yet again I have learned something new about Star Wars by setting myself this challenge.  Not that I had ever pondered what Admiral Motti’s given names were but it turns out his parents named him Conan Antonio – a name George Lucas apparently conjured up as a quip.  Motti is the Chief of the Imperial Navy who is famously force choked by Darth Vader for mocking Vader’s belief in the Force.  I would love to read the complaint he submitted to HR after that staff meeting.  He survives that punishment for smug insubordination but not the destruction of the Death Star.  I obviously had to illustrate him being force choked.  In the movie, of course, he is seated when this occurs but I drew him upright for the sake of consistency with other illustrations in the sketchbook.

174 Admiral Motti

Star Wars #173 – Chewbacca

At last!  Chewbacca has finally turned up as a prompt in this challenge.  Poor guy.  He is one of the main heroes of the saga and he doesn’t turn up until almost the very end of my drawing challenge.  I have drawn his family and his Wookiee colleague but I was starting to think I might make it all the way to the last drawing before Chewbacca finally turned up.  Almost, but not quite.  Chewie is, of course, the Wookiee co-pilot of the Millennium Falcon and best buddy of Han Solo.  Chewbacca’s look is like a hybrid of a shaggy dog and a yak but with lanky proportions.  I tried to suggest his height in my illustration by giving him long legs.  Chewbacca runs around the galaxy completely stark naked so no costume details to draw but I did accessorize him with his bandoleer and his bowcaster.

173 Chewbacca

Star Wars #172 – Hondo Ohnaka

My prompt for this illustration was to draw a Weequay.  I had to decide between drawing the Weequay guard who appears on Jabba’s sail barge or Hondo Ohnaka.  The former appears very briefly but I am more familiar with him whereas the latter appears in several Clone Wars episodes but I have only watched that show once through.  Obviously I decided to challenge myself to produce an illustration of Hondo Ohnaka.  As is communicated through his costume, he’s a space pirate.  It was actually quite fun to draw a character I only have skimpy knowledge of.

172 Hondo Ohnaka

Star Wars #171 – Young Han Solo

Although I have drawn a good few Han Solos during this challenge and before, this is my first ever time drawing the younger incarnation of the character who appears in the anthology movie ‘Solo’.  I opted to draw him in a pose that echos the posture I drew for the ‘New Hope’ Han.  As I noted in my drawing of Old Han, the character doesn’t change his fashion style across several decades.  That said, I still wear clothes that I bought at least 15 years ago.

171 Young Han Solo